As an organisation we are looking for young and energetic people who can work with us. Dreamnite club provides the opportunity of employment with our organisation. Graduates and above can apply for this club. The selection of candidates takes place after an interaction and counselling. Under this club we provide few months training before start of employment with us.

Subscription Plans

This program is designed for those people who are really passionate and hungry  about their career success. It is about skills building, self development, Leadership building , strategy, planning career and most result oriented program. Under this program a subscriber will receive two or more selected books  every month with or without video training program. This will also show them the path to career success and a broad vision . Anybody (between 16-60 age group) who  really want a big career success can subscribe this program.


I really appreciate your presentations. They are clear, to the point and organized and at the same time they are highly interesting


I’ve worked with a lot of coaches throughout my career. But, Dreamnite Career Consultants stands out for me personally because of their laser outstanding focus, amazing understanding and retention skills and then giving extremely useful advice.


Dreamnite is an exceptional career coaching company. The level of targeted realistic advice they offer is extremely valuable. They bring the same positive and constructive energy to their career coaching as they do in their energetic presentations.


Book Mr. Kumar

If you are willing for personal meeting you can talk to Mr. Kumar by booking a personal meeting with him or through a group training.

Group Trainer

Personal Coach